Class Ring FAQs

When can I order my ring?

You can order your ring anytime at or during one of the in-person ring events hosted by Balfour in the Yale bookstore.

If you are a graduate student and do not see your department listed on the above website and would like to assist in designing a department ring, please contact us via email at

Can alumni order?

Yes, absolutely!  The Yale ring is available to anyone who has completed or is in pursuit of their academic degree of Yale. 

Which finger is the Yale ring traditionally worn on?

Traditionally, people wear the Yale Ring on their ring finger of their right hand.  The Yale seal faces the wearer while pursuing their degree and upon graduation, the ring is turned with the Yale seal facing out.

What size ring should I choose?  XS, S, M, L?

The XS (Tiny), S, M, L sizes refer to the bezel (top of the ring) size in diameter.  The bezel size of the ring depends on the size/width of your finger.  We offer different bezel sizes because we want the ring to fit your finger appropriately (width-wise) and for it to fit comfortably on your finger.  (This size is different than your actual finger size.)  We have put this chart together for a reference.  The numbers represent your finger size which is explained below.  Our Yale ASA Class Ring staff can assist with a one on one ring consultation at your convenience and share the ring size dimensions.  The Yale ring is also on display in the Yale bookstore.

  Women Men





~ 6 and under

6 - 9

9 and up

Very Rare

Very Rare

7 and under

7 - 10

10 and up


What is my finger size?

Your finger size is a number (ie. 5.5, 7.25, 9, 10.75, etc).  To find out your finger size, please contact our ring staff via email for a consultation, visit the Balfour ring table events when hosted at the Yale bookstore or print out the self-help printable sizer.  Please watch this how-to video for instructions. 

What are the differences between the different types of metals offered?

Celestrium is a jeweler’s stainless steel. 
Argentium Silver (96.5% silver) is whiter and brighter than Sterling silver (92.5%).  Argentium is 100% nickel-free, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is highly tarnish resistant.
Gold:  10K, 14K, and 18K designates the amount of pure gold in each ring.  Gold rings are available in yellow, white and rose gold.  White gold will look silver in tone but have a much higher value than silver.  Rose gold will have a reddish/pinkish tint.

What are the advantages of the different gold karats?

There is no substitute for gold. Its rich color holds a luster that lasts a lifetime. Its durability ensures that your investment doesn’t diminish over the years. The karat determines how much pure gold is in the ring. 18K and 14K have a greater percentage of pure gold in them than 10K and are considered shinier and better quality metals. Most gold sold and purchased in the US is 14K gold. If you wear other gold jewelry, you may want the color and luster to closely match. Balfour uses the jewelry industry standards for gold metal composition which are: 18K – 75% pure gold, 14K – 58% pure gold, 10K – 42% pure gold. Most who order a Yale Ring choose gold for their ring metal.

Can I choose custom designs for the sides of my ring?

Yes!  Your residential college shield is displayed on the left side of the ring while the Yale Y is on the right side.  You can choose to have the Yale Y in natural metal color or in Yale blue.  On each side above the design, there is a banner in which you can add customizations of up to five characters.  Typically, this is where a student would put their degree letters and graduation year. 

Is there a payment plan offered?

Yes, we accept debit and credit card payments. You can choose to either pay the full amount at the time of ordering or in 3-month installments (with the initial payment being 1/3 of the full cost at the time of ordering).  The payment plan is interest free.

After ordering my ring, when will I receive it?

Yale hosts a ring ceremony each year during Family Weekend (typically in October) where students receive their rings in front of friends and family.  If you order after the ceremony has taken place, you will receive your ring via mail 6-8 weeks after you place an order. 

COVID-19 update: All rings will be directly shipped to the address you input at checkout, even if the website tells you otherwise. You can call Balfour customer service at 866-225-3687 or 877-225-3687 to check on the status of your order.

Can I have the ring engraved?

Yes! We offer a free engraving on the inside of the Yale Ring - up to 18 characters including spaces.

Is there a warranty policy available?

Yes, all Yale Rings are covered under Balfour’s limited lifetime warranty for four years.  Balfour also offers free resizing and refinishing for the life of the ring. If you lose your ring, Balfour will even replace it (just pay the cost of the deductible - this low cost varies based on ring size, metal type, etc). You can also extend your warranty to ten years for a nominal fee at the time of purchase. Please keep your receipt. Please contact 800-225-3687 for instructions on how to redeem the policy.

I have an issue with my ring?  How can I resolve it?

Please contact Balfour at 800-225-3687. Ring resizing is free of charge. Balfour will work with you to correct any issues with your Yale ring.