Welcome to the Refrigerator Agency at Yale University.

For the 22-23 Academic Year, CSI Campus Specialties will be renting MicroFridge units to students living on campus. Rental information can be found here.  All rented units will be delivered to the student’s room and ready to use when you move in.

 refrigerator filled with food 

Unit Specifications:

Fridge Capacity 2.13 cu. ft.
Freezer Capacity  .75 cu. ft.
Microwave Capacity  .6 cu. ft.
Height  43.5 in.
Width  18.62 in.
Depth 19.5 in.
Weight  88 lbs.                             


Q: What if my refrigerator isn’t working properly?

A: You can email us at  with your concern. 

Questions?  Please contact:

ASA Office: