Personalized Laundry with E&R - The Campus Laundry

EASIER THAN EVER!  You can now order our laundry services on-line.  You will find a complete listing of the laundry service options available and their associated prices.

Yale Student Laundry (YSL) is one of the oldest and most established student agencies. We serve the Yale community by providing personalized laundry services.

College Laundry Rooms

Associated Student Agencies, working with the CSC ServiceWorks, functions as the pivotal contact for cleaning Yale’s 24 on-campus laundry rooms. CSC ServiceWorks provides all laundry appliances as well as providing the maintenance and service of the units.

For service issues related to the campus laundry rooms please contact ASA:

CSCPAY Mobile App

The app allows students to load funds onto an account and then pay for their laundry via the app.  Once your account is established, load your laundry, select a cycle, and start the machine by entering the number or scanning the machine’s QR code. It’s that easy!  

The app also allows you to monitor the machine status and request service or a refund.  You will also receive a text when your cycle is complete. 

You may also use a debit/credit card for payment of laundry cycles. 

The Campus Clothes Line - Laundry “How-to’s” including Laundry 101


Q: What can be washed by E&R and what cannot?

A: All items are inspected when received at E&R.  There is no need to pre-sort your items.  E&R videotapes all items when they are unpacked, washed, dried, folded and returned to your bag. All bras, underwear and delicates are processed through the the wash/dry/fold process.  E&R does not “hand wash”, “lay flat to dry” or “line dry”.  Please do not send items that cannot withstand a commercial laundry process.  All sweaters* are dry cleaned and all fleece items are put through the gentle care department.  All care labels are read and items are inspected to determine what can go through the wash/dry/fold process vs. what needs gentle care or dry cleaning.*

*If you have the “Just the Basics” plan, all items needing gentle care or dry cleaning will incur additional charges.  A credit card is required to be in file with E&R to process these charges.

Q: Where and when can I drop off and pick-up my laundry?

A: There are four on campus locations to drop off and pick-up laundry:  Old Campus in the basement of Farnam B; the ASA Office, 246 Church St.; Pauli Murray College, room B20, and Arnold Hall, room B09.  You must drop off your laundry at any location by 10 am M-F to have your items back in two business days. You will pick-up your laundry after 11 am two business days later at the location selected when registering for the service.

Q:  How do I access Arnold Hall’s laundry location?

A:  Access to Arnold Hall is through the Main Gate on Elm Street (card reader access is required).  Take the elevator (to the right, card reader access required) and press “B”.  Walk out of the elevator and turn left down the hall to Room B09 (on the right, card reader access required).  Please put your dirty E&R laundry bags in the laundry cart.  Clean laundry is placed on the shelves and dry cleaned items are hanging the laundry racks.

Q: Can I cancel the service after I have signed up?

A: Yes, for the full academic year service you will need to cancel no later than October 15.  You will receive a pro-rated refund minus a $69 cancelation charge provided you submit a written cancelation request that is received no later October 15.  Cancelations received after that date but before January 2 will received refunds for the second semester only minus the $69 cancelation charge. There will be no refunds issued after January 2.

Q: What do I do if I think I am missing and item from my laundry bag?

A: You will need to contact E&R’s Customer Service Office, 1-800-243-7789, Ext. 713 or 714,  Please list the items that you believe are missing and when the item was laundered.

Q: Do you offer dry cleaning if I don’t have the laundry service?

A: No, Yale Student Laundry does not offer dry cleaning services if you do not have a laundry plan.

Questions?  Please email: